Friday, May 21, 2010

Ending Lost: Favorite Scenes

Rather than getting into favorite episodes, I have been pondering what are my favorite scenes/sequences in the six year run of the show.  Why?  Because I have not blogged about Lost for at least a few hours.

Anyhow, here I go:
1) The first plane crash (there have been how many?  The FAA should consider regulating the airspace over the Island if it could find it).  It was simply stunning.  Very expensive with all of the dollars put on the screen.  Just a brilliant way to start a series (even if you do not really know where it is going to go). 

A couple of key things:
  • that we see Jack and his eye opening followed by Vincent!  If they are paralleling first and las season, Vincent will arise again!
  • takes a while for Jack to start moving, but then goes to Claire second, who is contracting;
  • that Boone is immediately useless;
  • that Rose needs CPR;
  • that we see Jin but not Sun;

Once I saw this first scene, they pretty much had me for six or eight seasons.

2) This discussion of time travel.  Just brilliant.

I love a good Back to the Future reference.

3) Hurley saving the day with the Scooby van.

Nice little preview of Sawyer and Juliet as a bonus.

4) Hurley beating Sawyer.  Long time coming. 

5)  Hurley revises Empire:

Any suggestions?  Any non-Hurley suggestions?


Steve Greene said...

Great stuff. That opening scene of the pilot was television brilliance.

Unknown said...

-the first time we got a flash forward (we'd been expecting it to be a flashBACK) which was when a bearded, distraught Jack tells a glammed up Kate "We have to go bsck.

-Lockdown: how awesome was it when a pinned down Locke saw that crazy map!

-The Mr. Eko scene when they find the question mark

-the entire episode of "The Constant"

And ... Wait for it ...

-any scene featuring my shirtless hottie (obviously!)

Beth said...

That conversation between Hurly & Miles is THE BEST! Love it!