Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lost in Absurdity

I have been wondering about alternative LA, and have an absurd guess.  Below the fold, that is, or after the jump, or whatever.

Who is the mother of Jack's child?  The obvious answer is Sarah, played by Julie Bowen.  She was recently in Hawaii for the making of Modern Family's episode there, so she should have double-dipped. 

Another possibility, perverse as it is, would be Juliet.  We have not seen her yet.  She is probably going to have coffee with James Ford, but she could have married and left Jack in alt-LA before she moves to James.  That would parallel how things played out on the Island. 

Is this absurd?  Am I crazy?  Answers to those questions do not have to be related.


Unknown said...

Those are two good guesses (esp. Juliet, who could now as a divorcee,be moving on to my boy for that coffee). Third option is Ana-Lucia.

Brandon Valeriano said...

I think Ana-Lucia does come back, so that fits. What about Penny? Her and Desmond are split so that works too.
Seems unlikely that it is Sarah because in this reality, Jack is not damaged and would not seek to 'save' Sarah.

The Dinleoff Podcasts are great. I have not be listening either since my podcast setup has been all screwed up since I upgraded to Windows 7 and had to reset my Zune. I did catch a few Lost Transmissions.

Mrs. Spew said...

Ana-Lucia was a cop. Sawyer in alt-LA is a cop. Wonder if that will crop up.