Friday, May 21, 2010

Possible Lost Ending or Ridiculous Fan Fiction: You Make the Call

A brief conversation with Mrs. Spew while considering how many folks survived the crash but not the show led to this:

And it could be a guess about the ending or just alternative fan fiction based in part on Doc Jensen's draft in my Lost and Out of My Mind Game.

Ok, perhaps Cindy is really the Candidate!  She and the kids for whom she is responsible have kept on popping up over the entire series.  She spent much time at the temple, taking in much of the lore available there.  She has been around Smokey as of late, although unseen since the mortar attack.  No doubt she survives.  And because Doc Jensen picked the three of them, I have no doubt that they will show up during the finale.  We do not even know Cindy's last name, and it could easily be Ford or Shepherd (Jack's dad did play around) or Reyes. 

Yes, this would upset the fans, but Carlton and Damon like to be bold.  What would be more bold than bringing Cindy the flight attendant back in a big way?  Are you with me?  Oh, never mind.

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In a word: NO. :P