Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sovereignty, Busted?

This week is apparently an anniversary of the first referendum on Quebec sovereignty/independence/whatever, and the latest survey shows about 58% of Quebecers thinking that the sovereignty debate is settled.  Apparently, we do not need or perhaps do not expect another referendum on Quebec independence.  Roughly the same percentage see the French language as threatened, but apparently the respondents do not see or do not want (not clear which) that independence is the answer. 

Of course, this can change with a PQ government replacing the discredited Liberal one (not anytime soon, but inevitable down the road), playing up some kind of crisis according to Parizeau's strategy guide.  But a referendum and a successful referendum are two different things.  It is one thing to vote for a party that promises a referendum as the PQ does (well, sometimes), but it is another to vote for independence, especially if it is put that clearly. 

Those who prefer a united Canada can take some solace in these numbers, but should not get too cocky, as surveys measure the wind and how it is blowing and not necessarily more than that.

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