Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lost Regrets

I just discovered the Lost podcast, where many of the entries are conversations between Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, which has led to many possible combos: Darlton, Cardam, Damcar, etc.  Anyway, it is heaps of fun, and I wish I had been listening all along.

A few key nuggets:

  • One guy emails in, asking them whether he should name his newborn son Desmond or Jack?  Basically a clever way to ask: does either of these guys die in the show?  Carlton recommends Desmond, suggesting that Jack is simply more troubled.  Hmmm.  This was on an early podcast this season.
  • In responding to a question about Walt's ability to attract birds (which then fly into windows), they respond that over-analyzing would be too "midi-chlorian."  I love this response--a critique of one of George Lucas's many tweaks in the prequels that were less than unhelpful.
  • Likewise, when asked about some other clarification, they said if you want to see something like that, watch the Matrix sequel where Neo and the Architect yak about origins.  So, Cuse and Lindelof [Luse?] clearly have watched lots of stuff and have opinions about how much should be explained and how much would be too much.  
  • Anakin?  Why does Sawyer not recognize Anakin?  Because he didn't see Phantom Menace on the first weekend and then decided not to see the rest of the prequels, given the bad word of mouth.  
I still have to listen to the intervening podcasts.  Fun stuff.

One bit of good news for the Lost game--the finale is going to be 2.5 hours, a half hour longer than expected.  Why is this good news for the game?  It means there are more opportunities for secondary/tertiary characters to show up, so third and fourth round picks may come into play.  Or not.

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