Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost Questions, finally not answered?

I considered a bunch of questions at the beginning of the season, and now want to consider what was answered.

1. Who is Jacob?
4. What's up with the Loophole Guy?
We got both of these in semi-penultimate episode that was not entirely well-received.  I liked the episode and it did its job.

9. Is Juliet dead?
Dead.  And it didn't work.  The bomb only moved the folks into the future--it did not reset.

11. Why would the other survivors follow Jack's crackpot plan anyway?
12. Seriously, who says yes to blowing up the island to restart time anyway?
A big mistake that Jack acknowledges.

13. If so, did time reset and keep the Oceanic 815 from crashing?

18. What's the deal with the four-toed statue?
We know how the statue was broken, but we don't get any of the Egyptian history stuff.

23. Why does Dr. Pierre Chang use aliases?
Dude's a pathological liar. But a happy go lucky guy in the alt LA world.

24. What's the smoke monster?
Answered thoroughly.

25. Why does it have a taste for some people and not others?
Long con is the short answer, but perhaps a might inconsistent over time.  Would have to watch the entire series over again to make sense of it.

30. Why did the Oceanic Six have to go back?
Jacob needed his candidates.

32. What's up with the blast door map?
Original Steve answer: One of my favorite military phrases--Overcome By Events--OBE.  Not getting back to that.
New Answer: Hey, I got something right.

33. What happened to Claire?
Old Answer: She died, but what happens now?
New Answer: Got that one wrong.  She became crazy after spending too much time alone with Smokey.  But she was able to shake it off quickly on the beach before jumping on the plane.

34. Why did psychic Richard Malkin insist Claire raise Aaron?
O: This is a first season mystery that should be answered, but they may not--either to mess with us or because it does not matter for the plots they developed after the first season.
N: Nope, no answer.

36. Who is Richard Alpert really, and why doesn't he age?
We got this answered completely in a fun episode.

37. How or why does the island heal people?
Golden pond proximity?

39. What's the deal with Christian?
O:  The longest significant mysteries should be addressed.  I care less about Jacob than about the Island, less about the other dude and more about Smokey, etc.
N: Smokey on the Island, apparently.  Not sure if that is really consistent.  What about the real LA with bearded Jack?  Just drug induced hallucinations?

41. Who are Adam and Eve, the skeletons found in the caves?
42. What did the black and white stones on their bodies mean?
O: Re 41, 42--pick your battles.  These ain't them.

N: Wow, a whole episode to these questions, which seemed far less important.

43. Why did DHARMA and the Others allow Rousseau's distress signal to continue to be transmitted?
lost_numbers.jpgO Plot hole not to be answered..
N:  Got another one right.

44. Are Hurley's numbers really cursed?
O: No.  I think we will quickly see what life for him might be like, post-lottery but sans crash.
N: Um, not really.

45. Why is Walt special?
O: Yes, he taught writers not to put into plots kids just about to puber, especially if there is time travel involved or if something that takes months in fictional time takes years in real time to shoot..
N: I still think I am right on this.  But they could have added some scenes in this last season to cover this.  Three years passed, so his height is now somewhat explainable.

54. How much did it suck that Libby was killed before Hurley could get lucky?
O: We already know the answer--it sucked a lot.
N: And their super-sweet scenes in the final season made that clear.

55. Where does the donkey wheel come from?
O Good one.
N: Got that one answered, sort of.  MIB and his pals.

59. How did Penelope know to look for a magnetic anomaly?
O: Interesting plot hole unlikely to be explored, especially since she is busy with Flashforward.  (As is Charlie)
N: No answer.

62. Why did Jacob diss Ben by not communicating with him while he was leader?
O: Good question since it led to Jake's downfall.
N: Jacob is a dick.  Or didn't want to tamper with the experiment too much.

66. Was the ship that Jacob and Loophole Guy see sailing the Black Rock?
O  Yes, it was. Again, more list-fluffing to get it to 100.
N  Yes.

68. What happened to the crew?
O: They died.  A while ago or become Others.  Or both.
N: Smokey killed the survivors who were not killed by the survivors--except for Richard.

70. What are Widmore's plans for the island?
O: Ah, this is an important one.
N:  Um, we never got this answered. 

76. What happened to the people the Others kidnapped?
O: Helsinki syndrome, baby.
N: Cindy played the Island alliance game like Afghans play civil war--shirts and skins, baby.  Switch sides whenever it is convenient.

77. What's up with the whispers?
O: This would be a good one--perhaps the time traveling voices of the castaways?
N: Dead people with issues.

82. What is Ilana's connection to Jacob?
O: Ilana?  Oh, the new castaway.  Not sure they are going to exist or be relevant in the post-bomb world.  Much of this stuff may be OBE.
N: His agent, but not too important.

87. Why did the supply drops continued after the Purge?
O: Plot hole to be ignored.
N:  Ditto.  My guess: that the Others staffed the DI stations enough to convince the eggheads at Michigan that the experiment was still going on.

91. Why isn't the island done with Desmond yet?
O:Scottish accents rock! There can be only one!
N: His electromagnetic powers gave him a special role.

95. What are the Rules?
O:You cannot fight on holy ground. No talking about Fight Club.
N: Turns out to be less fixed than Highlander's.  Who rules makes the rules.  They can change.

96. How did the death of Alex change the Rules?
O: No murdering of relatives, now you can.  So, Ben tries to hit Penny and/or her kid.
N:  Same, I guess.

97. Will Sun and Jin ever get a chance to live happily ever after?
O: Hmmm.
N: No, but will spend heaps of time in the light together.

98. Will any of the survivors get a chance to live happily ever after?
O: Hmmm times seven.
N:  Yes.  Some do: Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Hurley along with our added pals of Ben, Miles, Frank and Richard.

99. Will the smoke monster get a chance to live happily ever after?
O: Yes.
N: No.

100. Will we be satisfied with the way Lost ends?
  O: We who?  Some will, some will not.  If Vegas were to set an over/under on this at fifty-five percent, I would bet the over.  If they set it at 65%, I would not bet.  If they set it at 80%, I would bet the under.
N:  I think I would have won my bet.  Let's see what people think in six months.

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Steve Greene said...

I think the true nature of Charles Widmore is the most important unanswered questions that deserved an answer.