Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Re-Makes?

Oy! The good news is half of the re-makes for the fall season didn't make it.  That is, the Rockford Files was not picked up, but Hawaii Five O did.  And that is probably about right, as the former relied heavily on the star of the original show, whereas the latter is basically just a cop show in Hawaii with a good theme song.  Which means that H5O can be fine or not, as cop shows can vary significantly from great (Homicide) to awful (you name it).

 And having Grace Park once again take a formerly male role can work.  Perhaps Rockford Files would have been more pleasing to the network execs with Josh Hollaway a.k.a. Sawyer in the lead. 

I had forgotten that Teen Wolf was also on the re-make list.  MTV is turning it into a series.

 And tonally more like American Werewolf in London?  Um, sure, that had heaps of dark humor but was also incredibly tragic.  Sounds like fun!  I don't watch MTV teen series so I don't know how this would fit.  The trailer for the movie does suggest that MTV could just play it as a typical high school comedy with the usual werewolf complications: "Mom, the Teen Wolf gave me a hickey!!!  Am I going to turn into a werewolf?"

For another take on re-makes and an incredible fun podcast, check out the TV Talk Machine.  It has surprisingly little actual discussion of TV but is heaps of fun.

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