Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost and Absolutely Out of My Mind Results

The ending made this much easier to count:

Ok, with LA being actually a plane of existence in between death and beyond, I am not counting anyone in ALT LA as alive.

So, who won?  Let's see:
  • Steve picked Jack who was the winning candidate but only temporarily.  Jack died at the end of the episode and passed on his role.  Sayid was previously dead, leaving Steve with five points for Miles who was on the plane (which I will assume does not crash) and two points for an unseen Nadia: 7 points.
  • Wendy did quite well despite not getting the shirtless wonder in the draft with Desmond (unconscious but alive), Ben (junior guardian), and Vincent all featured in the finale: 15.
  • Jacob did very well, better than we could have expected since Frank lived!  All four of his picks lived and were featured in the finale--Kate and Frank on the plane, Rose and Bernard on the Island, so Jack's plugging of the pond gave him a big lead: 20.
  • Chip used the first pick of the draft very effectively as Hurley was the guardian at the end of the finale.  His other picks sucked bigtime--Jin Yoon was orphaned and ignored; Daniel was dead before the draft (kind of like drafting someone who blew out their knee before the season starts), and Jacob (another dead guy): 12.
  • David and Ali got the shirtless wonder (Sawyer) but Penny only showed up in dead LA, Jin and Ilana bit the dust, so they score only: 7 (averaging 3.5).
  • Jeff Jensen, EW's resident expert on Lost, picked a set of people who may have lived but we have no evidence.  Cindy, the featured flight attendant (flirting with jack), temporary tailie and Temple resident, did not show up nor did the kids she was babysitting/parenting.  And Kate's mom no where to be seen.  So, we have four times two: 8.
  • Brandon: Aaron lived back in old real LA, we saw Chang and Eloise but they were not in real LA.  So, we have three times two since Sun is dead: 6.
  • Sara: Did better than I expected as the Spanish highlander lived, but Walt was unseen and Widmore did not experience a resurrection.  And, yes, Smokey died,  good for us, bad for Sara: 7.  
  • Ben did better than expected as well although his strategy of picking the hot women and one jungle boy did not payoff.  The first lesson from this--don't pick ghosts if the main criterion is whether a person is alive or not.  But Claire lived and escaped.  So, with unseen Sarah: 7.
The final standings:
  1. Jacob
  2. Wendy
  3. Chip
  4. Doc Jensen
  5. Sara, Ben, David & Ali, Steve
  6. Brandon

Perhaps Brandon was pre-occupied with his five fantasy baseball leagues.  Jacob's strategy of picking secondary characters who were alive on the Island when the game started worked out very well.  Wendy would have won had she picked Rose instead of Locke, but her Vincent pick was a smart one.  Chip proved that having the first draft pick is no guarantee of victory.  Doc proved to be, well, hamstrung by picking after everyone else--was there anyone left alive that was not picked but shown during the finale?  I don't think so.  He did the best he could.  Choosing bad guys (Smokey, Widmore) or dead guys proved to be bad strategies.

How were my original predictions?  I had Steve, Wendy, Chip and Brandon ahead of the rest, but Jacob snaked past them all as all four of his characters lived.  My big regret about him winning?  He already has a blog.  But the good news is that I should have ample opportunities to buy him the beverage of his choice.  So, Jacob, send me the text whenever you have it and I will post on my blog.

Thanks to all for playing.  It was quite entertaining.

Alt endings on Kimmel by the way: Jeff Probst kicking Sayid off the island, complete with him talking to the camera at the end; then they show the Soprano's finale with Hurley, Claire,  and he plays Don't Sail Away, Dharma menu, and Jack shows up; and then Newhart with Kate.


Sara said...

I don't agree with your scoring. One cannot assume that people on the island, even those on the plane, were alive. Kate & Sawyer appeared in both places, for example, but we are supposed to believe they are alive on the island side? My take on this is that everyone is dead, so only characters that are truly unseen like Walt have even a slim chance of being alive. But now I just think everyone on the plane died long ago...

Steve Saideman said...

Sure, we can. Listen to what Jack's father said. Some of the folks in the room lived longer than you, some died sooner. The only way that folks could live longer is if Ben, Hurley, James, Kate and Claire lived longer than Jack. If they all died on the plane, only Penny would have lived longer.
The folks who escaped the Island and Ben and Hurley are not dead yet. The church is for when people eventually die. It does not exist "now" but always sort of.

And, of course, in the best spirit of Lost, this game is my Island and I make the rules. So, your appeal is denied.

Seriously (well, sort of), lots of folks are going to be upset with the ending, but I think there will be consensus on who lived in the Island reality, which, as it turns out, is THE reality.

Unknown said...

I agree with Steve. That plane took off - Jack watched it as he lay on the ground dying, and he knew he had succeeded in helping others yet again. Oh crap, here come the waterworks ... getting that image of him about to shut his eye for one final time, with Vincent cuddling next to him so he doesn't die alone...

p.s. The three alt endings on Kimmel were pretty funny, not all that original though.