Saturday, May 29, 2010

Penny, Say It Isn't So!

The cheesecake factory is responsible for "the most unhealthy restaurant chain dish"?  And not its cheesecake but its pasta carbonara: 2.5k calories and 85 grams of fat, the equivalent of five of KFC's double downs?

As the battle cries against obesity and overeating become shriller than ever, we've become adept at crucifying the most easily recognizable offenders -- red meat, fried chicken and sugary, fried foods. But our food education is woefully inadequate; many people still don't know what makes a meal genuinely healthy -- or that, for instance, a white-flour pasta slathered in cream sauce is just as bad as a plateful of cheesy fries.
I guess I will stick to my MickeyD's hamburgers--they never make it to the top (or is it bottom) of these lists.

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Unknown said...

My guess is Penny never eats there, nor takes home leftovers.