Monday, May 10, 2010

Ask the Reader: Lost Merch

I am catching up on the Lost podcasts by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, and they received a question about merchandising and lost opportunities.  The person asked specifically about a Smoke Monster doll that made the Smokey noises when you hug it.  And I started to wonder how could these guys make more money from us?

  • The obvious choice is Dharma Initiative Products.  Damon mentions D.I. salad dressing a la Paul Newman.  I would like to have a Dharma jumpsuit, with suitable role name tag, like "Professor" or "Designated Talker" or something like that. 
  • How about a Swan Station play set with a button you have to push every 108 minutes, complete with a metal door with interesting graffiti that slides down?
  • An Egyptian statue that breaks apart but has a neat lair in the foot.
  • A version of lincoln logs/tinkertoys but shaped like pylons that can be set up to create a fence.  Perhaps the fence can produce a very mild shock?
  • Oceanic 815.  Breaks into three pieces or so.  
  • Perhaps a role playing game, where you can play a particular character and see who survives.  
Any other ideas?

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