Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Quite a First Down, Lost and Out of My Mind

This episode did not really change that much, but here is my take on how it affects the standings of our Lost Fantasy League.

Because this all happened in the past, most of the characters had no change in their status. 

But, I would say this: Ben's Quantum Humer took a big fall tonight, as the Jungle Boy is now clearly a younger version of Jacob and very much a ghost.  So, he is not going to be a survivor at the end of the finale.  And neither will Jacob, as we learned, as the Sicilian argued in Princess Bride, that we are all mortal.  His mother died, his Step-Mom died, his brother died.  He died.  So, Anubis Oracles loses with Jacob's status now being clearer than ever before. 

So, the standings are now:
  1. Wendy stays ahead, as we are now convinced in a Lost podcast that Vincent will survive.  That plus Desmond's ability to dodge death should keep Wendy in the running, even after Ben dies as part of his redemption quest.
  2. Sara stays here, as Smokey seems to be immortal due to his dip on the Golden Pond. 
  3. Steve G. moves up, as Jack's looking good as a candidate, even though Sayid has joined the Artz/Ilana club of bits and pieces.
  4. Jacob moves up, as Adam and Eve are not Rose and Bernard.  And Frank is almost certainly dead but not quite confirmed yet.  
  5. Doc Jensen enters the race in the middle of the pack, appropriately enough.  He is betting on Cindy and her charges.  The key is whether we see them survive in the finale or not.  We may see Cindy in Alt LA, but the kids?  We should comb through the first episode or two of this season to see if the kids show up.
  6. Ali and David still have a candidate in the race in Sawyer, but he is likely to be doomed.  But that is so predictable that maybe it will not happen.
  7. Chip still has Hurley, a very viable candidate.  But he lost Jacob in my mind this week.
  8. Brandon stays near but not at the bottom, as all of his money is riding on Aaron. 
  9. Ben drops to the bottom as Jungle Boy, as a ghost, is technically not alive.  And his pack of attractive females are likely to die except for Sarah who may not even show up again.
I think next week will provide more swings in the standings, but the final tally will depend on the finale itself, which will determine whether the Island matters at all.


Unknown said...

Maybe the water that's in the Temple that cured Ben and, later, Sayid (not sure cure is the right word, actually) is that same special water located where the golden light was except that since it's MINUS the light in the Temple it wouldn't quite turn one into a smoke monster, just do something to you that's not quite ... right. It's gotta all be connected.

And yay, I'm still in the lead. Woot! And stop giving me shit about Vincent (real name MADISON). He was a last choice among other not-so-great choices.

B-Rob said...

ah but didn't you hear Jacob's mother talk about rebirth?
nobody has been offered wine by Jacob as a means for his replacement so jungle boy is not necessarily a ghost...

and my women will persevere. you'll see :)