Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My One Gripe with Iron Man 2

Minor spoiler

In the movie, there is a joke about Canada and locking doors, as if Michael Moore's oft-repeated canard about crime here is true.  That is, do Canadians keep their doors unlocked because they do not fear robberies?

Maybe in small towns, just as in small towns in the US.  But not in the cities and suburbs where there are break-ins, home invasions, stolen cars, stuff stolen out of cars at malls, muggings, kids being bullied, etc.  There is less violent crime up here, but still plenty of property crime.  As my stolen Honda and two computers taken from my McGill offices testify.   So, excuse me if this line in the movie did not work for me (and it does not work in Canada at all, given the reaction to that line versus the rest of the movie).

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Unknown said...

Like with most American jokes about Canada, I - an American - found that line funny...because of what it says about many Americans' perceptions of Canada.