Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick Response to the Conspiracy Folks Out There in Radioland

Remind me never to engage with conspiracy theorists.  Not only did I almost get suckered into doing a radio interview with American Freedom Radio (yes, I am an idiot for entertaining the idea before googling), but now I am getting email from folks who want to convince me of the "truth."  Lovely.  On the other hand, I now am aware of a Quebec group that shares the same fantasy but from the other side of the political spectrum.  The folks apparently obsess about one of the other buildings in the WTC complex.  I try to avoid arguing with these folks, again following the example of Barney Franks, but here are the questions I would ask these folks if I thought they could engage in reality-based thinking. 
  • Does Al Qaeda exist?  What is its track record?  
  • Are you racist?  Otherwise, why is it so hard to believe that the Arabs of Al Qaeda cannot pull off the attack?
  • Did we not see big planes fly into the WTC?  
  • Why would a US government conspiracy knock down additional buildings (WTC #7) when surely the two towers would be enough to mobilize the public?
  • In the same light, why attack the Pentagon, given the risks of expanding the circle of people inside the conspiracy compared to the small added value of expanding the attack?
    • And if the answer is that they needed to do more to ensure the rally around the flag effect, why not blow up a mall, too, while they are at it?
  •  To be successful, the US government would have to be incredibly well-coordinated and terrific at keeping the secrets.  Is there any past evidence to suggest that organizational processes and bureaucratic politics can be overcome?  
  • Do you realize that those involved would be risking their lives since they could be convicted of murder and perhaps treason?  
  • What are the direct personal benefits for those involved to choose this course of action?
    • Money?  Give me a break, plenty of less risky, more certain ways to cash in on positions of power.
I understand why folks would see the Bush Administration as a bunch of liars, but it is one thing to massage data about WMD in Iraq, and it is another to plot to kill thousands of Americans.  We have plenty of evidence to have confidence in the 9/11 history as it is known by the mainstream.  I do compare these folks with Holocaust deniers, moon landing deniers, and the like, as they have religious-like beliefs that cannot be shaken by the facts, but are also evangelical so that they seek to persuade others to join their faith. 

Sending me email to persuade me to join their irrational crusade is a waste of time, and one of those rare times I wish it cost people some money to send email.

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Anonymous said...

Why then ask so many questions if you don't care to read anybody else's answers? Why engage on the subject if you don't want to have a serious discussion with anyone that has a different opinion than yours?

You're right in your sidebar. I should go elsewhere.