Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost and Absolutely Out of My Mind

We had almost no progress on the Lost and Out of My Mind Lost Fantasy League last week with the blast to the past.

Oh, and for the negative types, here is a list of the 20 Lost episodes we could have done without.  Of course, in my view, I can only think of one episode I would want to nuke--tatts anyone? I disagree with all of the other choices, although obviously season 1-2.5 would have been better had they really known the complete endgame (and, yes, they do seem to still make mistakes with introductions of characters late and then whacked--Dogen, for example).

Tonight is going to be different.  I don't know if anyone dies, but we are probably going to know heaps more about the winning candidate.

I do have one survey question for game players: do you want me to conduct a live blog during the finale?  Or would that get in the way of enjoying the finale?  I will DVR either way, so that I can go back and catch stuff, including marginal characters surviving visibly or not (Waaaaaaaaaaaalt?!)

Second survey question: favorite Sawyer nickname.  Use this website with Lost merchandise for tips.

Enjoy the last hour broadcast.  I am sure folks will be less polarized about tonight's episode than last week's. 


Unknown said...

Sure, do it. I'm not going to a Lost party so it might be nice to have others to chat with during the show. Or don't do it and I'll chat with myself. It's all good.

Unknown said...

Favorite Sawyer nickname:

For me it's a tie between Mr. Myagi (Jin) and Captain Falafel (Sayid).

I veered away from all his fat jokes aimed at Hurley, though I admittedly laughed and then felt bad about it.

Calling Locke Mr. Clean was pretty good too.