Sunday, May 9, 2010

How is Doc Jensen Like Sayid?

A torturer with a heart of gold?  I don't think so.  Nope, Doc Jensen, like Sayid's resurrection in the Temple spa, is alive again and in the Lost and Out of My Mind Game.  We do not know if he has somehow been infected by his near death experience. 

See the new Entertainment Weekly issue for what he has been working on, rather than hanging out with us.  But he has now submitted a list of characters from the dregs remaining.  When he signed up originally, he offered to pick last.  And this is happened, ultimately.

Team Doc Jensen includes:
Cindy--the flight attendant who was abducted long ago by The Others and ended up at the temple with:
Emma--one of the kids that the Others abducted;
Zach--the other kid that the Others abducted;
Kate's Mom

Turns out that Doc Jensen is an old softie, hoping that Cuse and Lindelof will not be killing too many more innocents.  Oooh, lots of luck with that. 

Of course, now we can wonder what he knows and what his picks might suggest.

Anyhow, Doc, welcome back to the game.  I hope you end up lasting longer than Sayid.


Brandon Valeriano said...

I doubt Cindy and the kids will be dead, but will they be shown in the last episode? Here is to hoping Kate's mom is the real candidate.

Unknown said...

Have you read Entertainment Weekly yet? Wow, that's alot of material to chew on!! Plus, he saw the last 10 minutes of the finale! :-O

Steve Saideman said...

Brandon--that is the question--will they be shown? If so, probably all three would be, so Doc has a potential 6-> 15 point swing.

Wendy: my issue will arrive Tuesday or so--the ox-cart to Canada is reliably slow when it comes to EW.